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All nationalities are not equal. Some nationalities and, by extension, passports afford a whole new set of opportunities to their bearers - while some other nationalities, and passports, act as shackles in the paths of realization of dreams of their bearers. 

In today's globalized world, citizenship planning has become an integral part of business and wealth planning. Many emerging entrepreneurs, investors and successful families are expanding their citizenship portfolios to liberate themselves from the limitations imposed on them by virtue of their original nationalities. 

We take pride in serving such individuals and families while simultaneously advising the governments on development and (re)structuring of residence- and citizenship-by-investment programs. 

We have been working with the clients, for the clients - since two generations. 


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Citizenship Planning

In this globalised era, citizenship planning and acquisition of dual & multiple citizenship is becoming more important than ever. We, with our global team of specialists, ensure that you & your family are presented with the citizenship programs that best suit your individual, business & family circumstances. 


International Real-Estate

We advise investors on acquisition of luxury & investment real-estate in different Caribbean, Mediterranean & European countries. This also includes advise on tax-related aspects of the property. We also advise developers on the acquisition of land and subsequent development of luxury resorts in countries with a citizenship or residence by investment program. 


Our Specialist Group

Our group comprises of citizenship specialists, research analysts, international lawyers, property advisers, and we work in close co-ordination to advise our clients on the right citizenship and residence strategies. We also publish a research-based citizenship index, called the Ius Pecuniae Index, that provides a very comprehensive analysis of the popular citizenship-by-investment programs. 

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