Residence Programs (Golden Visas)

In this globalized era, many entrepreneurs and high net-worth individuals do not want to limit themselves to just one country. They want to open new horizons for themselves and their families in different countries. 

Different countries around the world have developed residence-by-investment programs to attract this growing class of individuals and families. These programs, also known as investor immigration or golden visa programs, grant residency rights to investors and their qualifying family members. In some case, subject to fulfillment of certain requirements, these programs may lead to citizenship. 

We provide services for some of the most popular residence programs, which are:

1- Greece: Officially known as the Hellenic Republic, Greece is a country located in Southeastern Europe. Greece is a member of both the European Union (EU) and Schengen Zone. Residence permit in Greece could be acquired on making a minimum investment of EUR 250,000 in real estate. Some other qualifying routes are also available. So far, more than 5,300 investors have acquired residence permits of Greece through the golden visa program. 

2- Portugal: Portugal is a Southern European country on the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain. The country is member of both the European Union and Schengen Zone. The term 'golden visa' was first coined by Portugal for its residence-by-investment program. The program was launched in late 2012 and, as of October 2019, has granted residence permits to more than 8,000 investors.  Residence in Portugal can be acquired on making a real estate investment of minimum EUR 500,000.  This investment threshold can be brought down to EUR 350,000 under certain circumstances where the property is older than 30 years. Some other qualifying routes are also available. 

3- Malta: Malta (Republic of) is a Southern European island country in the central Mediterranean between Italy's Sicily and the North African coast. The country runs two citizenship and residence programs which are independent of each other. Residence in Malta can be acquired by making the below mentioned investments:

a) Investment of EUR 250,000 in government bonds for 5 years; plus

b) Non-refundable contribution (donation) of EUR 30,000 upon approval of the application;plus

c) Purchase of home of EUR 320,000 in Malta or of EUR 270,000 in Gozo/South of Malta. 

Alternatively, the investor can rent out a property with a minimum annual rental of EUR 12,000 in Malta or EUR 10,000 in Gozo/South of Malta.

Investment requirements for Malta's citizenship program, officially known as Individual Investor Program, are relatively higher. 

4- Ireland: Ireland (Republic of) is an island country in the Northwestern Europe. It is separated from Great Britain to its east by the North Channel, the Irish Sea, and St. George's Channel. The country is part of the European Union (EU), Eurozone, and also forms part of the Common Travel Area (CTA) with the United Kingdom.  Under the Common Travel Area (CTA), Irish and British citizens move freely and reside in either jurisdiction and enjoy associated rights and entitlements including access to employment, healthcare, education, social benefits, and the right to vote in certain elections. The Common Travel Area pre-dates Irish and UK membership of the EU and is not dependent on it.  

Ireland offers a residence program - referred to as Immigrant Investor Program - which allows non-EEA nationals and their qualifying family members, who commit to an approved investment in Ireland, to acquire a secure residency status in Ireland. 

A guide on Irish residency program by HF Corporation

There are four (4) investment options under this program:

a) Enterprise investment: Applicants, who choose this option, must make a minimum investment of EUR 1 million in either a single Irish enterprise or spread over a number of enterprises for a minimum of 3 years;

b) Investment Fund: Under this option, a minimum investment of EUR 1 million in an investment fund is required for a period of three (3) years. The fund must be approved by the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service  (INIS) and should also be regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland;

c) Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs): Investors, who wish to avail this route, must make a minimum investment of EUR 2 million in any Irish REIT listed on the Irish Stock Exchange. Investment must be held for a minimum period of three (3) years;

d) Endowment or Non-refundable Philanthropic Contribution: Applicants can also acquire residency in Ireland if they choose to make a endowment or philanthropic donation of EUR 500,000 to a project of public benefit in the arts, sports, health, cultural or educational field. Under this option, investors will receive no financial return or recoupment of the principal. Where a group of five or more investors wish to combine their philanthropic Endowments to contribute to an appropriate project, a minimum investment of EUR 400,000 per investor will qualify under the program.

Let us help you in devising your residence and/or citizenship strategies according to your individual, family or business circumstances.