We are the innovators in citizenship planning

Private Client Practice

HF Corporation is a research-driven advisory firm that is specialized in providing services for

residence and citizenship by investment programs, around the world, to high net worth

individuals and families who wish to liberate themselves from the shackles imposed on them by virtue of their original nationalities. This is the second generation of the firm in immigration-advisory business. 

Government Advisory Practice

The firm also runs a government advisory practice that liaises with different governments to assist them in building strategies that could bolster foreign direct investment in their countries through efficiently-structured investor programs. Some of our notable government advisory work includes:

1- Montenegro: Presenting a set of proposals and recommendations to the Government of Montenegro in order to assist the government in the design and set-up of the citizenship-by-investment program;

2- Antigua and Barbuda: Presenting proposals to the Government of Antigua and Barbuda with regards to restructuring of investment requirements under the country's citizenship program, following the Hurricane Irma. The firm also presented recommendations to the government for bringing changes to the age of qualifying dependents in 2017, along with proposals that suggested restructuring of the real estate investment requirements. 

Research Center and Citizenship Reports

HF Corporation runs an autonomous unit that aims to promote the investment migration industry through research driven and in-depth analysis of the investment migration and economic citizenship programs. We have produced multiple research-based reports on different programs:

a) Citizenship Index by HF Corporation: This flagship report by HF Corporation provides a multidimensional objective and comparative analysis of the global citizenship-by-investment programs. 

b) Guide on sale of Residential Properties to Overseas Buyers in Turkey: This multilingual report provides a statistical analysis of residential property purchase by foreign investors in Turkey.

c) Montenegro Citizenship and Investment Guide: A short, yet informative, guide on investment landscape in Montenegro. 

d) Ireland Residence Guide: This guide by HF Corporation is a useful tool for individuals and families wishing to choose Ireland as a place of their residence and/or business activities. 

e) Turkey - Citizenship and Investment Guide: This guide provides useful details on the Turkish citizenship program. 

To request a free copy of these guides, please feel free to email us at:

Email: info@hfcorporation.co